Saturday, April 30, 2011

Going Down

I went to zumba with nice Elizabeth again today. But... before I went, I weighed myself. And... I was down 3 lbs! Yup, I am thinking, "no sugar," is working! I wasn't as good at zumba today. The teacher taught her second class in a row, and had asthma. She wasn't doing many of the moves. It was hard to follow, and a bit frustrating. But, I still want to go again. I am trying to make enough of a commitment to feeling good about getting a pass... well, paying for the pass anyway.

I am tired now, but it felt good to exercise. I felt great for hours after. I liked it, and want to do it again. Elizabeth made me a cd with music from zumba. I think I am going to load it on my ipod. I was looking forward to getting some new exercise music. This will be fun to have.

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