Friday, April 29, 2011


I did it. I made it another day without sugar. I did have honey in my oatmeal, and on a piece of bread again. It was a great treat! No processed sugar again, and no white flour.

My headache went away by about 2pm. That didn't last long.

I went to Sophie's Spanish performance. I ran into a mom who was so beautiful in high school. She is still beautiful, but had gained a bit of weight. She was looking thinner, and I told her she is shrinking. She said thanks, and when I asked her what she is doing, she told me she has a personal trainer, and had dropped thirty pounds since February. It was so encouraging to see her! She has obviously worked SO HARD! If she can do it... so can I! And so, I felt encouraged. Thank you Natalie!

As I was walking the halls with the baby during the program, I saw myself in the reflection of a door. I saw my sweet baby boy, who I love. I saw my large droopy stomach. It didn't make me feel hopeless. I know it will get smaller. I know I can do it. At next year's Spanish program, I will be a whole new person! Well, not a whole new person, but have a much smaller body.

A friend of mine on facebook, wrote this in her status last night:
"There are two kinds of people. Those who climb mountains and those who sit in the shadows and critique the climbers" I'll keep climbing mountains, thank you.

Thanks Linda for the encouragement! Thanks Natalie for the encouragement! Even thought neither of you know it, you helped me today!

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